Effective MRI safety warning signage system that keeps patients and MRI technologists safe.

TechGate allows technologists to focus on the care of patients and efficient room turnaround rather than worrying about anyone entering the MRI room behind them. Easy to use and designed for the MRI environment, TechGate is deployed via push button remote control, providing an immediate physical restriction of access to all unauthorized individuals.


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Aegys is an innovative leader in the MRI safety industry.

Aegys is committed to providing innovative product and process solutions that enhance overall MRI safety and improve efficiency. Harnessing over three decades of healthcare, security, access control, risk management, legal and industrial process experience, Aegys delivers support utilizing a comprehensive approach that is uncomplicated and results driven. Reducing risk or exposure, improving performance and maintaining quality requires the ability to identify effectiveness while reducing inefficiency. In short, we’re all about creating a better way.

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“TechGate gives the MRI technologist a piece of mind as they attend to the patient. It is a simple and effective solution to prevent an unintended entrance into the MRI room. The product has an easy and simple installation and a it’s effortless operation has no effect on our workflow. It is a well-designed product […]

Robert Day
Chief Operating Officer

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