TechGate® has been engineered around the principles of effectiveness and ease of use; making the easy thing the right thing. Deployment is activated by a simple press of a button via wireless transmitters strategically located in your MRI facility – leading to zero impact on your work flow. There is no need to hook or unhook a belt, push through or hold open a physical obstruction or react to some annoying audible alarm. Additionally, this simple activation versus a cumbersome manual process ensures that this solution will be utilized by all staff members.

The brilliantly illuminated LED arm is impossible to ignore unlike most of the traditional signage utilized in public settings. This unique, dynamic method of notification ensures compliance and provides peace of mind that inappropriate or accidental access to the MRI suite is prevented.

TechGate® demonstration in a typical MRI suite showing work flow.  Wireless transmitters located just inside the door threshold and on the MRI panel ensure optimized deployment and retraction coincide with ingress and egress into the MRI room.

TechGate® demonstration from RSNA showing the proprietary rapid release hinge for emergency ingress or egress.  Additionally, MRI doors that outswing will not be unnecessarily encumbered due to the release hinge.

TechGate® demonstration from a customer location showing ease of deployment despite limited obstructions located outside the entrance to the MRI room.  Custom mounting configurations allow for installation outside all MRI suites or in other applications.

Another TechGate® demonstration in a typical MRI suite showing work flow. Strategically deployed wireless transmitters ensure zero impact on work flow. MRI technologists can focus on patient care and proper room setup without the need to constantly look over their shoulders or close the MRI door which prevents communication out of the room or ability to monitor activity outside the room.



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