Patient Safety: Hospital Risk – Survey of C-Suite and Risk Managers by AIG

Overview of  How Targeting Patient Satisfaction Impacts Safety

New emphasis on “Patient Satisfaction” may complicate efforts to improve patient safety.Though safety will continue to be a priority, it may be further complicated by external pressures to focus on the overall patient quality care experience-as measured by public “patient satisfaction” metrics. In its simplest form, success in patient safety is defined by this survey’s respondents as “keeping patients free from harm,” with far fewer C-Suite Executives and Risk Managers defining it as “patient satisfaction:” 75% of C-Suite Executives and Risk Managers define success in patient safety as “no errors/falls/harm endured,” while just 15% of the C-Suite Executives and 13% of the Risk Managers surveyed define it as “patient satisfaction.” As one risk manager notes, “Patient safety is where risk and quality overlap with a goal of improved quality care and the prevention of adverse events.”

A recent New York Times article also echos this recent trend toward healthcare “marketing” investments in updated lobbies, waiting areas and patient rooms.  Take their poll here to see if you can tell the difference between a 5 star luxury hotel and a recent hospital renovation.


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